Recycled American Walnut Staybull Flooring™

What could be better than the beautiful display found in an American Walnut Floor? How about having an eco-friendly floor made of recycled American Walnut Flooring?

American Walnut Staybull Flooring™ in a bedroom

Staybull Flooring™ is made by taking reclaimed hardwood strips and fusing them together with VOC Free glues and finishes. It is ideal for modern and contemporary designed interiors due to its varied color pallet and mix of grains.

american walnut staybull flooring™ 1 american walnut staybull flooring™ 2 american walnut staybull flooring™ 3 american walnut staybull flooring™ 4 Some examples of Staybull™ American Walnut Flooring installed in a bank. Click on one of the thumbnails above to see a larger version.

Recylcing and helping out the environment is always a good thing, so choosing recycled flooring from Staybull Flooring™ is an easy decision. Buy Staybull™ American Walnut Flooring today!